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E-bike rental- in Nara (JR-Nara shop)
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Nara has many tourist attractions to visit. But surely you have no time? Rental bicycles are the best way to get around the sights efficiently. With a bike you can drop in anywhere you like. You can move around comfortably while looking at the beautiful city, without worrying about traffic jam like a car.■All bicycles are maintained by mechanic.■You can rent a bike for up to 24 hours at one day price■Returnable after closing■There are also many other types of bicycles, such as regular bike or kids bike.Please check our website for details.■The number of small e-bikes (22 inches and 24 inches) is limited. If you need small e-bikes, please confirm by email to our shop in advance.■Child seat is available for free. But please note that only children weighing less than 22 kg can sit in it.

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